FEA Engineer

Job #2205: We are looking for an FEA Engineer for a contract role in Kirkland, WA.

We are developing a new stand-alone STOP (Structural Thermal Optical Performance) product that provides an easier solution for customers conducting FEA analysis of opto-mechanical systems to bring the results of that analysis back into OpticStudio. The inputs to this new product will be text data containing surface deformation and temperature data for each surface under analysis, and the output will be an updated OpticStudio file in which those results are used in evaluating the performance of the perturbed optical system.

We are looking for a contractor with several years of experience in finite element analysis to build models that can be used for testing and benchmarking of our new STOP product. The work would involve:

  • Taking opto-mechanical designs created by our team using SolidWorks or Creo Parametric and loading them into the FEA tool
  • Perform Structural Thermal Optical Performance (STOP) simulations of the opto-mechanical model including:
    • Creating appropriate meshes for each component in the design, applying structural and thermal loads as specified by our team
    • Analysis will focus on static surface deformations
      • Index of refraction changes due to thermal gradients
      • Surface deformations due to thermal gradients and mechanical loads
    • Exporting the results for surface deformations and temperature data to text files that can be used as inputs to the new STOP product
      • Our team to provide data formats
  • Assisting our team in understanding how to preserve material and coordinate system information as data are passed into and out of the FEA tools
  • Creating scripts in the FEA tools that automate data export in the correct format
    • Using APDL and/or ACT extensions in ANSYS
    • Similar in other FEA tools

We are looking for a contract with experience using the following FEA tools:

  • Abaqus
  • Thermal Desktop

We expect the work described above to be conducted primarily using ANSYS, though would like some models to be built using Abaqus and Thermal Desktop if possible.

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