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What are candidates and clients saying about Chameleon lately…


I’ve come to appreciate the character of Chameleon Technologies, having been a consultant with you. As you know, Brad is a 100% professional, even, world-class resource. I have a number of friends in the recruiting ranks that I’ve met over the years. And, outside of those who are my personal/life-long friends at EMC or Expedia, there are, honestly, very few recruiters at staffing/professional services companies that I can say that about.”


 I just wanted to share that I have worked with many recruiters overs the years and your professionalism truly stand out in the crowd for me.  I could easily make out that you really want to help people and make a difference in the world.  Thank you for your authenticity & commitment. I am honored that I got an opportunity to connect and interact with you.”


You have been an amazing representative, and I will never forget you and team Chameleon! Thank you for helping me find the perfect job.”



I appreciate your approach and taking the time to understand the range of experience I have, not just the first few paragraphs on my resume. Chameleon is already way ahead of 90% of the recruiters I have talked to, so thanks for treating me like a real person and not another used car.”



I have worked with Melissa on both sides of her fence – both as a contractor/vendor looking for a job, and as a hiring manager. My personal philosophy is good recruiters will move from bad companies to good, though stay good recruiters and it’s been great to work with Melissa all the years since she co-founded Chameleon. She digs in, she knows her people, she asks great questions and she presents candidates that I’m interested in. Short form, I’m not doing the filtering I have to do with so many other companies and I have a high degree of trust with her and her company”



Melissa is so great to work with! She is professional and respectful of her clients and really forms a partnership. She and her colleagues at Chameleon take the time to make sure the employee/temp they provide is prepared, trained and ready to go to work on day one. On a personal note, Melissa is personable and fun! I will continue to partner with Melissa and Chameleon on assignments throughout my career in HR and recruiting and would recommend her to others as well”



I was Chameleon Technologies’ employee during my first-ever contracting experience, at Unigard Insurance. Melissa was generous in meeting with us, supportive, and thorough in responding to any issues or uncertainties that came up. Chameleon provides excellent benefits and creates an enjoyable community with its permanent and contracting employees”



It’s easy for me to endorse Melissa in this forum because I have referred both clients and candidates to Melissa and Chameleon Technologies for years. She operates with excellent integrity and professionalism, with a balanced focus on the needs of her clients, as well as the candidates. The combination of her business and technical acumen, as well as a delightful personality make doing business with her productive and pleasant! Melissa has also been a strong advocate for her employees and community, sponsoring activities in support of local nonprofits and professional organizations. Yes, I’m a fan!”



Melissa is our top tier partner when it comes to IT recruiting. I have worked with her at several companies and have been impressed with her professionalism, the company philosophy and quality of the candidates. Even on difficult searches we have found success with Melissa and Chameleon!”



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