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"The team at Chameleon have been a pleasure to work with. They have great technical ability to implement any custom metrics and visuals, and are always enthusiastic, friendly and happy to take time to communicate."

Mark Nishikawa
Data Engineer

"I love our financial report; I think it's fabulous. It’s been really good to be able to pull that report up to see how we're trending."

Anastasia Valentine
President/Managing Partner at Resource 1

"Now through the power of Chameleon BI reporting solutions, small and mid-sized staffing firms can affordably bring together data from all different sources within their organization. This is something we haven't been able to do before.

Maurice Fuller
Founder of StaffingTec

"The Chameleon team and staff are technically strong and accommodating!"

Keith Echols
Executive Vice President

"Chameleon BI has constructed a tool that gives you the ability to look at KPI’s in near real time, to share that view with your organization, and to change your view on the fly, to perform ‘what-if’ analysis or to zero into an issue or question. I can’t think of a more useful and essential tool for a business manager, or an organization."

David Lawrence
I.T. Staffing Consultant

"I felt like I had no idea what was going on with the finances around my spending and advertising. Now I can see how much money I'm spending on job boards, how many placements I'm making with each job, and clearly see what my recruiters are doing. I can't believe how much time this saves me."

Lacey Clark
CEO at Northwest Recruiting Partners

"I've been a strong supporter of the reports and tell everyone that the [Chameleon BI] reports are the correct numbers. 99.9% time, I'm right and that makes me feel good."

Crystal Black
Accounting/Business Operations Manager at Resource 1

"So excited to have this in our office! We have been playing around with QuickBooks and cross-referencing with numbers on there versus the BI portal just to be safe and everything is great. The tool has made my life so much easier!"

Megan Brown
Office Manager at First Impressions Dental Care

"Working with Chameleon Technologies was an absolute pleasure. The staff and leadership really made it a point to ask targeted questions which led to better than expected results. The reporting and analytics sample [they] put together has been very helpful in the storytelling process [with customers and investors]!"

Scott Ware
CEO & Founder at MirrorCache

"The reports were a big hit during our annual meeting and everyone was very impressed by the detailed measurement capabilities!"

Kathryn Shaughnessy
Marketing/Technology Specialist

Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Business leaders are expected to find value from data, but often times it becomes an unbearable process to get the data insights that they truly need in order to make the right decision for their business. We design solutions that best meet your specific needs through providing quick insights into your data.


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