Artificial Intelligence. You have heard of it. But, you’re either are scared of it or have embraced it. To those of you who are scared about the things AI is capable of, we’re here to tell you that it’s time to take it all in. And, we’re here to tell you why.

Chameleon may have its focus on business intelligence, but we know that AI has shown great impact across a customer’s journey. From delivering on-point, fast, and tailored experiences at any scale, AI has made it easier for consumers to enjoy whatever they undergo.

Unfortunately, if your business is not keeping up with this technology, more often than not, you will get left behind. Your business is your customers. Without them, nothing runs. So with AI, you can put your customers through a better and more efficient journey.

According to some key findings from the LogMeIn 2018 AI Customer Experience Report: Impact of Chatbots and AI on the Customer Journey, “Over 70% of consumers agree that brands should leverage technologies to reduce the amount of time that it takes to resolve a customer inquiry or issue.”

And, “more than half (54%) of consumers and just over three quarters (76%) of business respondents agree that AI is changing customer experience for the better.”

Ultimately, whatever business you may have, you’re trying to please your customers. And, customers are happy when they are easily able to access and use your product or service.

Customers engage with brands for many reasons. Some leave with positive experiences (that you probably won’t hear about) because “consumers are almost twice as likely to reach out to complain about a product or service as they are to be leaving positive feedback (14%).” But, what you can learn from this is that the negative feedback you do receive typically has to do solving customer inquiries.

What better way to resolve a customer’s inquiry than by being able to quickly manage the issue via the use of AI?

Not only will ease the customers’ experience but also take the load of you. According to the same report, “35% percent of respondents are already investing in AI technologies while 53% are planning to invest.”

We understand the controversy of replacing a human agent with a bot. But, with technology advancing, it seems fitting to follow pursuit. “Furthermore, nearly 74% of consumers see the benefits of interacting with chatbots including the ability to get quicker resolution (30%) or simply having greater access to support (24%).” It’s faster and more efficient.

We’re telling you this because want to help you!

In addition to being a staffing firm for technical candidates, we also have data experts who provide professional services in helping you better your business services. Whether it’s directly for the company or the customer, we aim to assist and make processes more efficient through our data solutions.

Our solutions are produced via Power BI and we focus on creating live, custom-made dashboards for your HR, financial, operations, and management data.

Start today and leverage your data! Make it easier for yourself and your customer. The smoother the journey for you, the better it is for your customer.