Dental Package - Standard

Chameleon's Dental Package - Standard Edition

You will receive a custom Dental Report that includes 3 tabs/reports:

1. Financials

2. Procedures

3. Tracking Treatments

Customization services allow you to personalize your reports so that it fits your clinic. This package includes 5 hours of our developers' time working with you on your needs. If you would like more than 5 hours worth of changes, we work on a T&M (Time & Materials) basis. If your clinic does not use QuickBooks or Dentrix, we recommend the Custom Package. Contact us for more information in regards to your options!

Standard Edition includes:

  • Lab costs
  • Supply overhead
  • Lab fees
  • Staff expenditures
  • Dental supplies
  • Dollar amount and dollar percentage
  • YTD
  • Total income
  • Dental supply cost
  • Day sheet
  • Procedures completed each day and by who (dentist/hygienist)
  • Total procedures broken down by code
  • Follow-up (tracking treatments)
  • Percent of case acceptance
  • Patient name


Depending on your data, the report(s) could include:

  • Patient treatment recommendation time log (how many recommendations were completed/made into an appointment/referred)
  • Total value production value for the service/procedure
  • Historical data
  • Total amount of income from patient (patient fees) based on your financial software/data source

Standard Edition upfront pricing:


Standard Edition monthly pricing & commitment:

1- year renewable contract