According to Indeed’s 2021 Hiring Trends Report, over 70% of all employers have decided to offer more flexible scheduling for their employees than they did pre-pandemic. 

Though compensation is still the average employee’s top priority, flexibility, mobility, and remote work are quickly becoming one of the most highly regarded benefits in any workplace. 

Over the past 10 years, there has been a consistent trend toward remote work. Both companies and employees are realizing the benefits of fully remote work. 

New technology makes it easier than ever before to effectively manage a fully remote business. There’s little doubt that this trend will continue even after the threat of the pandemic has faded. 

Recognizing the benefits of staffing remotely can help your business increase productivity and lower operating costs. 

A few of the main benefits include:

  1. More applicants: Glassdoor reported that there was a 360% increase in searches for fully remote positions from 2019 – 2021. Employers that offer such options have seen a noted boost in their hiring efforts.
  2. Better workforce diversity: By expanding your search and talent pool beyond the local workforce, you will open yourself to broader perspectives and increase diversity within your team. Additionally, one of the main benefits of remote work is that you are also no longer limited to a local candidate pool. People can work from anywhere!
  3. Saving money on office space: It goes without saying, that remote workers have no need for an in-person office space. Remote work allows for much lower operating costs, saving your business money.
  4. Commuting: Employees are able to avoid long commutes, as well as save money on gas, bus tickets, or a monthly subway pass, allowing them to spend their time more efficiently. 
  5. Increased Employee Satisfaction: Numerous recent studies have shown that people prefer to work from home. They’re able to spend more time with their families and in an environment they’re familiar with, increasing employee satisfaction. This helps lower turnover rates, as when employees are unhappy, they tend to search for better opportunities elsewhere. Having a remote work option is a great way of retaining effective employees and continuing to ensure that you value their contributions as a worker. 
  6. Increased productivity: Though to some this may sound counterintuitive, it’s been found that workers are often more productive working from home. They are less likely to be distracted by colleagues, and often report that it’s much easier and more comfortable to operate from a home office.

We understand that hiring remotely when there’s such a large talent pool can be intimidating. But, at Chameleon Technologies, we help you find the best possible talent for your roles. 

If you are looking to hire dedicated workers either for contract, contract-to-hire, or permanent placement, we can assist you with the recruitment process. Prioritize your employees and benefit your business through remote work flexibility!