Data – The Core of your Enterprise

Due to market volatility and complexity, a lot of businesses are turning to data analytics to help them gain insight into their business, their customers, and all the uncertainty. It is no longer seen as an option to utilize your data; it’s the very core of any business.  Those who aren’t already data-driven will soon […]

Time for that admin clean-up

We know your Bullhorn data is a little messy, and that’s okay because we understand that it happens! But, it’s 2020 and it is time for that major clean-up. We all know what poor data looks like (or should I say what it doesn’t look like because it’s so bad). More so, we know when […]

4 Cutting-Edge HR Metrics to keep track of

Before we go over 6 HR metrics we first have to define what HR Metrics are. A simple definition:  HR metrics are used to find the efficiency of HR policies. Common examples of HR metrics are turnover rates, training costs, but more valuable metrics are emerging today that include diversity, inclusion, and equality representation. In […]

6 ways for you to prepare for Gen Z

“Generation Z has arrived – and they’re very different from Millennials.” – Denise Villa, Ph.D., CEO, and Co-Founder of The Center for Generational Kinetics Generation Z (Gen Z) is composed of those born between 1995 and 2010 and is the demographic cohort after the Millennials. Anyone born between 1981 and 1996 (ages 23 to 38 […]

A better look

To “optimize” is to make the best or most effective use of a situation, opportunity, or resource.  But, when it comes to creating reports with our data, how can we be effective? What exactly makes the data better? What are we trying to make better? The meaning of optimization varies depending on the result you’re […]

How a Data-Driven Enterprise can help in Recruiting

Those of you who have been in the recruiting and staffing industry for a while know that traditional recruiting used to be based on gut, intuition, and maybe a little luck. But managers rarely focused on the data – the numbers that make-up your firm. Recruiters, hiring managers, or CEOs could only assume that their […]

AI in Recruiting

Artificial Intelligence in recent years has come very far. Now it’s being used to save recruiters time and money. As a recruiting firm, we have spent some time researching some of the best applications. Now we want to help you save time, money, and resources! The following products and services provide customization and are designed […]

Hiring Checklist: The Show

Think about a broadway musical. Imagine you’re the director. Think about all the things you have to do to perfect your show. You need the loveliest singers, the greatest designers, and the most exotic performers to form the best team for your perfect show.  Now imagine you’re an internal recruiter for your company. We know, […]

AI and Recruiting: Cautious yes or absolutely not?

When you hear “AI” and “recruiting” together, you probably start picturing a human-like robot interviewing someone or one of those chatbots that pop-up on websites. As impersonal or strange as that may seem, AI has proven to be quite useful in the recruiting world, but we’ll be looking at both perspectives. In the past couple […]

Less about the money, more about them

Incentivizing employees has never been such a hot topic, nor such a highly disputed one.  Gone are the days of thinking that pay raises and titles are the only way to motivate people. Who would have thought that money wasn’t enough? Pay raises and titles are obviously something that can motivate employees. But the reality […]

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