As a recruiter, should you care about data?

The short answer? Yes! There are multiple recruiters out there who don’t buy into the data-driven approach to recruiting. But, here’s our argument: Through data, not only can recruiters improve their recruiting approach but also increase the amount of revenue they book.  As a recruiter, data gives you an objective method to improve your performance […]

Creating a Culture of Transparency & Openness

Company culture can be defined as a set of shared values, goals, attitudes, and practices that characterize an organization. But, we’ve all worked at or know of organizations where transparency around operations, decisions, and information is an exception – not a built-in expectation. It’s important to note that how your leadership communicates information sets the […]

No code?

There is no doubt that software has changed nearly every aspect of our everyday lives – whether you’re watching a show on Hulu, riding an Uber, or connecting with a friend over Zoom.  We basically have an app for everything and demand for software only continues to grow. Especially since the pandemic, we know that […]

Trying to master Pay & Bill at your Staffing Firm?

Pay & Bill is one of the most essential elements of the staffing business to get right but it’s also one of the most complex. As we know all too well, inaccurate invoices are the fastest way to lose a client and damage your reputation. So how can you excel at pay & bill?  Chameleon […]

Why Referrals Deliver Higher Quality Talent

For staffing firms, sourcing qualified candidates and providing them with an excellent experience are the keys to success, but they’re also the biggest challenges.  To solve these challenges, fast-growth agencies use marketing and sales automation tools such as Chameleon BI for reporting or Staffing Referrals for automating referrals. However, until recently, there was a major […]

How to get their Attention

Since the pandemic, the rules of sales within have changed. It’s becoming more difficult to gain people’s attention.  Sales teams are discovering they don’t know how to effectively connect with people who are no longer sitting in their offices, so they’re forced to rely on alternative techniques, moving away from traditional sales routes.  Gaining the […]

Data and Analytics to Shape Your Future

Over the years, Microsoft has had a front-row seat to digital transformation occurring across all industries and regions around the world. And in 2020, they have seen that digitally transformed organizations have successfully adapted to sudden disruptions. Data is what enables both analytical power, which involves analyzing the past and gaining new insights, and predictive […]

Redefine Your Staffing Brand

The pandemic has presented a major challenge for staffing firms and the continued economic impact will be a hurdle for the foreseeable future. That said, though in-person interaction is still at minimal levels, many organizations have extended remote work policies into the new year. Because of this, staffing leaders and their top salespeople and recruiters are struggling […]

Power of Automation

If you’re a small business, when you hear people talking about automation, do you think, “That’s only for big organizations,” or “That’s too complex or expensive for my small business”?  If so, we encourage you to think again. Automation technologies help you optimize and grow your small business by helping you lower costs, minimize errors, […]

All About Data Silos

A data silo, also known as an information silo, is an insular management system in which one or more information systems, or subsystems, are incapable of operating with other systems or subsystems that are conceptually or organizationally related.  For instance, a company may have a client management system and a web analytics system with two […]

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