Data and Analytics to Shape Your Future

Over the years, Microsoft has had a front-row seat to digital transformation occurring across all industries and regions around the world. And in 2020, they have seen that digitally transformed organizations have successfully adapted to sudden disruptions. Data is what enables both analytical power, which involves analyzing the past and gaining new insights, and predictive […]

Redefine Your Staffing Brand

The pandemic has presented a major challenge for staffing firms and the continued economic impact will be a hurdle for the foreseeable future. That said, though in-person interaction is still at minimal levels, many organizations have extended remote work policies into the new year. Because of this, staffing leaders and their top salespeople and recruiters are struggling […]

Power of Automation

If you’re a small business, when you hear people talking about automation, do you think, “That’s only for big organizations,” or “That’s too complex or expensive for my small business”?  If so, we encourage you to think again. Automation technologies help you optimize and grow your small business by helping you lower costs, minimize errors, […]

All About Data Silos

A data silo, also known as an information silo, is an insular management system in which one or more information systems, or subsystems, are incapable of operating with other systems or subsystems that are conceptually or organizationally related.  For instance, a company may have a client management system and a web analytics system with two […]

Staffing and Recruiting Challenges of 2020

What a year we’ve all had! The Staffing and Recruiting industry has definitely gone through its ups and downs, but nonetheless, the industry has provided career opportunities for over 16 million employees each year. As we know all too well, the staffing and recruiting trade also comes with many challenges. Succeeding in staffing takes hard […]

Hiring Tips for 2021

With 2020 coming to an end, we thought we dedicate our last blog post of the year to helping you with hiring in 2021! As we all know, 2020 has been a whirlwind. Gone are the days of the traditional 9-5; especially right now when more people are working from home than ever before due […]

All About Data Mining

Data mining is the exploration and analysis of large data to discover meaningful patterns and rules.  It differs from predictive analytics because it describes historical data, while data mining aims to predict future outcomes. Additionally, data mining techniques are used to build machine learning (ML) models that power modern artificial intelligence (AI) applications such as […]

Optimize your Hiring Process

As you can probably tell, enterprise recruiting is no easy job. It doesn’t matter if you’re an independent recruiter serving large scale enterprises or an in-house recruiter for one, hiring a good employee for an enterprise is always challenging. So let’s see seven ways you can optimize your hiring process to meet your large scale […]

Visualization matters!

Businesses are clamoring to use data to get a competitive edge, but all the data in the world won’t help if you can’t understand it!  Whether you use Chameleon BI, Power BI, Data Studio, Domo, Tableau, or another data visualization tool, the principles are the same. But, don’t assume your vendors are in lock-step with […]

Diversity in Recruiting

It’s no doubt that employers want to hire the best people for their company. While skills are a valuable asset in the workforce, diversity must be a priority as well.  By including diversity in a company, the recruiting and retention rates are more successful because it puts a company at a competitive advantage with greater […]

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