Data Storytelling:  People hear statistics, but they feel stories

Do you have loads of data but aren’t sure how to extract value from it? Are you unsure of how to make sense of all the information in front of you?  Ever considered telling a story with numbers? Stories play a vibrant role in our daily lives – from the entertainment we consume to the […]

Searching for top talent? Hiring trends you should know

As the U.S. and global economies are headed towards an uncertain future, it is especially important to stay on top of current hiring trends to ensure a successful hiring strategy. Though the hiring landscape is always changing, there are additional factors to consider now, and as a result, there is more pressure on staffing agencies […]

AI: Empowering the whole sales team

Sales teams know that in order to hit their quarterly targets, having insights at their fingertips is critical.  But what will ultimately help teams succeed over the long-term? The answer is empowering each individual with the knowledge of what will happen next and what they should do about it.  Sales executives are always under a […]

Helping your Business Development Manager(s)

We have come up with 10 ways for staffing firm owners to help their Business Development Manager(s) (BDMs) flourish! These steps are integral for growing your staffing firm and making sure you have the right BDMs to help you further your business. You need to develop knowledge and appreciation for business development. This can be […]

Avoiding Gender Bias in AI

In our last data blog post, we discussed how there are gender biases in AI. But, we didn’t get to the part where we told you how to avoid these gender biases. Here are the five best practices we have found: You want to make sure that you have diversity in your training samples. Use […]

Let’s set some goals

Do you set hiring goals for your team? As a staffing firm, Chameleon Technologies set goals and key performance indicators for our salespeople and recruiters to make sure that their performance is up to par and to keep them encouraged and motivated. But, goals do so much more than that! First thing’s first. Data.  Any […]

Gender bias within AI

Artificial intelligence is today’s big thing. Everyone’s talking about and everyone’s eager to see all the possibilities. But, despite all the positives AI can bring to a business, when it comes to gender biases within AI, one needs to recognize that these biases stem from peoples’ inherent biases.  Whatever model or system we create is […]

Have you tried texting?

Are your salespeople struggling to receive calls back? We totally understand if this is the case. This is one of the most notorious roadblocks salespeople can come across because if you can’t get to your customers or clients, how are you supposed to do your job? Getting to your customers can still be difficult despite […]

The perfect thank you

You did it! You nailed the interview. But wait, your interview is not over yet and your application is still being considered. What can you do to stand out?  Sending a follow-up email to thank the interviewer for their time can make the difference between getting hired or getting rejected. Of course, acing your interview […]

10 KPI’s that will unify your Staffing Firm

Bullhorn interviewed thousands of staffing professionals from businesses of all sizes, functions, and industries. From the interviews, they have learned that the most unified, efficient staffing firms have a deep understanding of their business because of their use of data.  We have compiled Bullhorn’s list of Key Performance Indicators for you and as a staffing […]

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