BI for Staffing

Our Chameleon team just got back from the annual StaffingTec 2019 Conference, Networking and Expo held in Nashville, Tenessee! Among the staffing experts who showcased the best staffing tech solutions, Chameleon was able to engage with peers and expand our thinking and build our knowledge to help other staffing firms make smarter and faster decisions. […]

Interview tips for hiring managers

When it comes to finding new employees, we know there’s a lot to consider but we also know that there’s a lot at stake.   According to Fast Company and the 41% of the companies they surveyed, a bad hire in the last year cost them at least $25,000. And, you clearly don’t want to […]

Say BI to Excel

Microsoft Excel is the industry leading spreadsheet program. It is a powerful data visualization and analysis tool, but even though it is the most frequently used reporting tool, there are things it still cannot do. Have you wanted to work with real-time data? To have your data constantly updated? To be able to share those […]

Are your employees performing well? How do you know?

Do you track their performances? As a staffing firm, Chameleon is invested in knowing whether our candidates are performing well at the jobs we staffed them at. And, this is where employee performance metrics come into place. Although we don’t track how well our client’s employees are doing besides through feedback surveys and occasional visits, […]

Data – Your Company’s Ultimate Wingman

As a staffing firm that also provides professional data services, Chameleon values a healthy data culture. Data changes businesses in profound ways by informing leaders of necessary but sometimes unseen parts of their company. The application of analytics not only provides companies with the ability to help them grow but also steers them away from […]

The importance of diversity and inclusion

You hear the words diversity and inclusion more these days than ever before, and there’s a reason for it. It’s important to acknowledge, and for any business, it’s an absolute imperative. According to HR consultant Jennifer Brown, author of Inclusion: Diversity, the New Workplace, and the Will to Change, “Diversity is the who and the […]

IT Skills in Demand

You’re probably aware that hiring contractors result in an immediate solution to an urgent hiring need, has a faster hiring process, and has less red tape. So it should also be no surprise that companies are outsourcing certain jobs, especially tech-related jobs. As technical recruiters here at Chameleon, we have noticed a few in-demand skills […]

Leveraging social media

In today’s digital world, if you’re not on social media, it’s a little odd. But, if you’re a business without any social media, something’s not right. According to SHRM, recruiting via social media is growing with 84% of organizations using it currently and 9% planning to use it. Recruiting and hiring have become easier through […]

AI and the Customer Journey

Artificial Intelligence. You have heard of it. But, you’re either are scared of it or have embraced it. To those of you who are scared about the things AI is capable of, we’re here to tell you that it’s time to take it all in. And, we’re here to tell you why. Chameleon may have […]

Social Trends to put into Practice in 2019

We all know that habits and behaviors change, which is why it’s our job, as marketing managers and social media enthusiasts to keep up with consumer trends. After listening in on Hootsuite’s webinar “Social Trends You Can Put Into Practice In 2019,” Chameleon wants to share with you all the top 5 trends that you […]

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