IT Skills in Demand

You’re probably aware that hiring contractors result in an immediate solution to an urgent hiring need, has a faster hiring process, and has less red tape. So it should also be no surprise that companies are outsourcing certain jobs, especially tech-related jobs. As technical recruiters here at Chameleon, we have noticed a few in-demand skills […]

Leveraging social media

In today’s digital world, if you’re not on social media, it’s a little odd. But, if you’re a business without any social media, something’s not right. According to SHRM, recruiting via social media is growing with 84% of organizations using it currently and 9% planning to use it. Recruiting and hiring have become easier through […]

AI and the Customer Journey

Artificial Intelligence. You have heard of it. But, you’re either are scared of it or have embraced it. To those of you who are scared about the things AI is capable of, we’re here to tell you that it’s time to take it all in. And, we’re here to tell you why. Chameleon may have […]

Social Trends to put into Practice in 2019

We all know that habits and behaviors change, which is why it’s our job, as marketing managers and social media enthusiasts to keep up with consumer trends. After listening in on Hootsuite’s webinar “Social Trends You Can Put Into Practice In 2019,” Chameleon wants to share with you all the top 5 trends that you […]

Gamification: Showing you how to play (and create) the game

Chameleon wants to take you back, specifically to elementary. Do you remember when you did something good, the teacher stuck a sticker next to your name? And, if you did something bad, the sticker was removed? This is exactly what gamification is. Stickers promoted good behavior; an incentive that alluded to kids. The removal of […]

Keeping the good ones around

Retaining top talent takes more than an increase in salary, retirement plans, or vacation benefits. People can always get these elsewhere, but providing your employees with job satisfaction is what it’s going to take to keep them around. After all, the relationship between the quality of talent and business performance is dramatic. There are several […]

Leap into predictive and proactive analytics

If Data Analytics solutions aren’t on your mind right now, they should be. Business intelligence (BI) and Data leaders are looking for ways to deliver more value from their data investments. These BI leaders have purchased applications, built data warehouses, and have delivered reports and dashboards; but now want to take their BI programs to […]

The Importance of Company Culture

Company values. Shared ethics. A sense of pride. Employee appreciation. These are just a few things that define company culture. When you have a system of shared beliefs and assumptions, not only can you govern how people behave in the company, but you also see how these values can have a strong influence on the […]

ERP: Cloud vs. On-Premise Systems

There’s been a lot of talk about cloud versus on-premise software but the fact remains that either option has its pros and cons. By understanding this, one can determine how both cloud and on-premise software can fit into their organization. Simply put, the benefits and limitations fall into four main categories. These include cost, deployment […]

The Interview: Tips and more

Some of you look forward to this part of the job hunting process because it brings out the extrovert in you but some of you dread it because it can be really tough. In this article, you will find ten tips that will help you during your interview and prepare you to showcase your best […]

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