Job #2308: Chameleon Technologies is searching for a Lead Developer for a position in Kirkland, WA.  We’re looking for a unique individual who is passionate about vehicles, and up for leading our development efforts on challenging data-related development projects.



  • Must have experience designing object-oriented software that processes large amounts of data
  • Must have experience working effectively with a team of developers on a single code base
  • Must have experience using traditional web technologies (including HTML, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Linux)



  • Maintaining systems that aggregate vehicle data from dozens of different data sources
  • Supporting clients with 24/7 access to vehicle reports, APIs, and data feeds
  • Building numerous consumer-oriented user experiences that feature vehicle data
  • Documenting technical requirements for each development project we undertake
  • Exploring technologies and schemas to effectively process hundreds of millions of records
  • Architecting classes with careful organization for scalability and maintainability
  • Organizing development to enable efficiently distributing tasks across our remote team
  • Shipping products with high quality, clean design, and fast implementation

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