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Data Analytics

Why every business decision should be empowered by data.

Chameleon Technologies combines the insight of Power BI with data visualization best-practices to help businesses like yours make better decisions. Our goal is to ensure that we extract action-oriented value from your data while also providing predictive analytics, operational and management reporting, and powerful visualizations. Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics tool that provides you with a single view of your business data. It enables you to monitor the health of your business through interactive reports and a live data dashboard.


"I love our financial report; I think it's fabulous. It’s been really good to be able to pull that report up to see how we're trending."

Anastasia Valentine
President/Managing Partner at Resource 1

"Now through the power of Chameleon BI reporting solutions, small and mid-sized staffing firms can affordably bring together data from all different sources within their organization. This is something we haven't been able to do before. [Chameleon BI] gives you the ability to manage your business in a much more granular level, to grow your business faster and more efficiently."

Maurice Fuller
Founder of StaffingTec

"I've been a strong supporter of the reports and tell everyone that the [Chameleon BI] reports are the correct numbers. 99.9% time, I'm right and that makes me feel good."

Crystal Black
Accounting/Business Operations Manager at Resource 1

"Chameleon BI has constructed a tool that brings all of this together. The ability to look at KPI’s in near real time, to share that view with your organization, and to change your view on the fly, to perform ‘what-if’ analysis or to zero into an issue or question. I can’t think of a more useful and essential tool for a business manager, or an organization."

David Lawrence
I.T. Staffing Consultant

"I felt like I had no idea what was going on with the finances around my spending and advertising. Finally, I found Chameleon BI. Now I can see how much money I'm spending on job boards, how many placements I'm making with each job, and clearly see what my recruiters are doing. I can't believe how much time this saves me."

Lacey Clark
CEO at Northwest Recruiting Partners


We help you tell a story with your data! Our team can help you by developing a data strategy to deliver a fully-managed solution that converts your multiple data streams into one single source of truth with quantifiable business value. We combine the latest technologies (cloud, analytics, automation, and machine learning) with our collective expertise to deliver insights, automate processes and enhance your products. Our goal at Chameleon is to help our clients drive their business through meaningful analytics. We want to ensure you are using your data to make informed decisions, automate processes, create new products, new revenue streams and to cut costs. Ideally, everything you do you are doing with data. We take the guessing out the equation. You drive your decisions and strategies through real data insights.


We can help you with all aspects of your cloud environment. We assist our clients with moving workloads to the cloud allowing you to gain a scalable, flexible, cost-effective environment. Our team will ensure your most complex, critical systems are highly secure, available and optimized to meet the on-demand, immediate needs of your business and customers. Our highly skilled technical teams have expertise in databases, cloud, DevOps and IT infrastructure management.


In the traditional reporting model, each individual software solution provides very basic, and often times not helpful, reports that come from it. With "Reporting as a Service", or RaaS, we are providing you with a suite of reports that work with your particular data source. RaaS can be accomplished via a Distributed Reporting Model (DRM) where the data is sent to the reporting tool (Power BI), through a Data Warehousing approach. We have implemented this solution in our secure cloud storage environment within your very own customer container where your data is housed. We deal with the security, support, updates and increased reporting needs. As your reporting needs increase, we can customize new reports by adding those additional data sources into your secured and contained warehouse environment.


Read our success stories and see how we can help you with your data analytics and business intelligence needs!

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Data Visualization & Reporting

If you need to understand your data more easily…

We compile reports and scorecards so that you can visualize all of your data in one place. This makes it easy to understand your business’s data and use the information to increase sales.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

If you need more data about your customers…

We provide analytics to help you better understand your customer base. A deep understanding of your market is crucial for making good business decisions.

Data Solutions

If you need to streamline your database systems…

We make sure your data systems are efficient and up-to-date. We can integrate multiple systems, warehouse, integrate or blend your data to create a system that works for your company.

Strategic Planning

If you’re not sure that your data is accurate…

We ensure that your data is accurate and precise while also decreasing the amount of time that your data warehouse takes.

Development & Architecture

If you need to create custom data solutions…

We design and build custom platforms, BI portals and system integration based on your unique needs.


If your staff needs training…

We build internal training programs so that your team understands every data tool. We make sure each and every staff member is following best practices.


If you want to hire data staff…

We help you hire experienced consultants and employees to help you manage data on a daily basis.


“Our team of data experts span decades of experience in multiple industries using a variety of technologies. We have assembled a team using the best talent available in order to provide you with superior outcomes. ”


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