Data Analytics & Business Intelligence


Data is wasted


Insights from your business data can help you increase profits and expand your customer base—but according to a recent study by Forrester Research, most companies analyze only 12% of their data. That means that 88% of data is wasted. That’s where Chameleon Technologies comes in. We make it easier to get the most out of your data so you can focus on what matters most:



Proven data experts that provide analysis and help define the solution that will best meet your project needs.

Organized processes, tools, frameworks and BI/ DW methodologies helping you follow to best practices and avoid pitfalls.

Outstanding delivery and engineering skill sets with deep data expertise.

On-going and responsive support from our team.

We have a proven track record of helping businesses succeed by gathering insights from their data that they would have otherwise missed. Our data experts have decades of experience in multiple industries and have worked with businesses of all sizes. We provide quality work and excellent customer service at an affordable price.


Case Studies

Read our success stories and see how we can help you with your data analytics and business intelligence needs!


Data Visualization & Reporting

If you need to understand your data more easily...

We compile reports and scorecards so that you can visualize all of your data in one place. This makes it easy to understand your business’s data and use the information to increase sales.

Data Solutions

If you need to streamline your database systems...

We make sure your data systems are efficient and up-to-date. We can integrate multiple systems, warehouse, integrate or blend your data to create a system that works for your company.

Development & Architecture

If you need to create custom data solutions...

We design and build custom platforms, BI portals and system integration based on your unique needs.


If you want to hire data staff...

We help you hire experienced consultants and employees to help you manage data on a daily basis.

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

If you need more data about your customers...

We provide analytics to help you better understand your customer base. A deep understanding of your market is crucial for making good business decisions.

Strategic Planning

If you’re not sure that your data is accurate...

We ensure that your data is accurate and precise while also decreasing the amount of time that your data warehouse takes.


If your staff needs training...

We build internal training programs so that your team understands every data tool. We make sure each and every staff member is following best practices.


“Our team of data experts span decades of experience in multiple industries using a variety of technologies. We have assembled a team using the best talent available in order to provide you with superior outcomes.”


Stop wasting data. Schedule a FREE DATA ASSESSMENT to determine where your business needs assistance and how we can help. Send an email to to get started.