With the pandemic and its economic effects still haunting the business world, staffing firms must take action to redesign their business processes if they want to outshine their competitors, and most importantly, find clients. 

Zoom and other communication tools are the new normal and the switch to remote work has triggered the globalization of job searching all over the world. This means that firms are recruiting, and candidates are applying, from the United States all the way to Indonesia. 

As candidates are looking for the most efficient pathway to kickstart their careers, companies are also looking for the best candidates for their team. See the window of opportunity here? 

Chameleon Technologies and other staffing firms are the solutions to fulfilling both clients’ and candidates’ needs – they just have to know how to reach these eager clients! 

Now more than ever, staffing firms are competing with each other to find the most clients, but enough with the pandemic talk, this is Staffing 101. 

Logging into the online market: With trade shows and physical events being limited, staffing firms must adapt to online resources. Those who know how to leverage technology – from social media to analytics – are already one step ahead of their rivals in terms of competitive advantage. LinkedIn is a great place to start. On LinkedIn, you can message executives of companies who might be hiring, but also candidates who are open to work. The ability for both parties to upload their pages with their education, background, and even current hiring needs, can be an extremely useful resource in terms of gathering your target audience and deciding who to reach out to. However, it is just as important to be intentional with connections, as spam messages and cold-calling might yield a low response rate. 

Referrals: Firms can also find clients through the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Give your existing clients an incentive to refer your firm to a friend. This friend could be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company looking to hire the best candidates. Whether it be a referral program with a discount on the contract or a simple ad that reminds clients to spread the word, people talk and this will lead to increased visibility of your firm.

Establishing your brand. What makes you different from others? Why should a client hire your staffing firm? Why might a candidate want to look for a job through your company? In every campaign a staffing firm takes on, it must be clear to the audience and target consumers what they value and how they differentiate from others. “We pride ourselves in X and can offer you unique services in terms of Y!” A value proposition can go a long way in both clients and candidates, as it humanizes the firm, making it more appealing to work with. 

COVID-19 has changed the way that the world works – some ways temporarily but other ways permanently. The move to technological processes had already been growing, but has been fast-forwarded in the past year and is expected to continue. 

At the same time, it is crucial to remember the key role that networking and word-of-mouth marketing plays in using loyal clients to expand the business. 

If you’re looking for candidates or if you’re a company struggling to find the right candidates, reach out to Chameleon Technologies; we want to help you find the perfect fit for your company and we’re here to help you with any job openings you may have.