As you can probably tell, enterprise recruiting is no easy job.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an independent recruiter serving large scale enterprises or an in-house recruiter for one, hiring a good employee for an enterprise is always challenging.

So let’s see seven ways you can optimize your hiring process to meet your large scale enterprise hiring targets.

  1. Build a recruitment tech stack: First, establish the key considerations when purchasing recruiting technology and then set up a process to follow each time any hiring tech is needed. And when it comes to the solutions themselves, it’s best to go with vendors that offer products suitable for handling a high volume of candidates, multiple roles, and locations (which are the absolute essentials for enterprise recruiting!).
  2. Get your hiring act together: To facilitate better communications, all your hiring teams should try to get more facetime with each other. Not just that, you should also make sure that the recruiters have a thorough understanding of the jobs for which they need to recruit. Regular check-ins can be very helpful here. Also, building a feedback loop where hiring managers and recruiters engage routinely can further contribute to optimizing the recruitment process.
  3. Invest in your employer brand: Show the candidates how innovative your company is! Create and optimize a great career page, routinely engaging on portals like Glassdoor, and offer good candidate experiences. Also, don’t forget to align your employer brand with the general brand strategy of your company to build a consistent experience for your candidates and customers alike.
  4. Create a talent network: To keep growing this base, consider adding a signup box to your careers page, and encourage potential candidates to join. They will be the first to know about new openings, events, and developments at your company.
  5. Run internship programs: You should engage and hire college graduates. They may not have all the experience, but they’re full of energy and eager to learn!
  6. Be open to hiring help from external recruiters/recruitment agencies: For an enterprise, engaging a recruiter or a recruitment agency can be a huge help because it offers incredible support to the in-house recruiters and hiring teams who face the pressure of hiring for tens of positions each month. Chameleon Technologies has extensive recruiting services, and we’d be happy to help you find identify and connect with eligible candidates.
  7. Stay on top of the trends in your industry: You will need the same resources your competitors are going to need!