What’s the primary key to success in recruiting? It’s having integrity. And, it’s a pretty rare quality in the industry. 

So why is integrity in recruiting so important?

  1. Integrity drives results for clients: Recruiting with integrity means providing a thorough search for your clients as integrity plays a starring role in giving clients results that meet or exceed their expectations. Defining success in a search is pretty binary – you either provide them the results or you don’t. Integrity should be top of mind throughout your search process if you want to ensure success and give your clients the results they’re looking for. You have to put in the time talking to people in and around the desired profession, gathering feedback, running a smooth interview process, and when presenting offers to candidates – by executing each of these tasks with integrity, you greatly improve your likelihood of having a successful result and will ensure your client calls you the next time they need talent.
  2. Integrity leads to doing right by your candidates: One of the greatest challenges in recruiting is giving bad news to candidates over the phone. But, if you strive to promptly inform candidates with honest and transparent dialogue about the situation and operate with integrity, you will build better relationships and further your reputation in the industry. Don’t fluff up a company’s culture when speaking to a candidate, instead give them a transparent appraisal. 
  3. It’s better to overcommunicate: Integrity in recruiting means overly communicating sometimes. There is always going to be internal pressure on recruiters or account managers to produce results. But, the reality is that the more dialogue you have with the client, the further insight you will have into the client’s needs, culture, and work environment. This will not only make recruiters more informed in your search but also provide better candidates for the client. Overcommunicating also means admitting mistakes or missteps that have occurred along the way, and this is where your integrity is tested. Making the call to discuss these things can be tough but will usually result in the opportunity to talk through solutions and alternate ideas and plans with the client. 

Chameleon Technologies believes that the key to success in recruiting is integrity because not only should you be true to yourself but also do the right thing for your client and candidates. Staying aligned with your personal integrity will only further your recruiting career and help you accelerate your business overall, and it’s what we strive to do at our recruiting firm.