When it comes to finding new employees, we know there’s a lot to consider but we also know that there’s a lot at stake.  

According to Fast Company and the 41% of the companies they surveyed, a bad hire in the last year cost them at least $25,000. And, you clearly don’t want to be losing $25,000.

We understand that when you’re bringing someone onto your team, you want to be able to trust that they will do the job and do it well. But, how will you really know? It usually all comes down to the interview.

Chameleon is here to help with 10 tips for hiring managers conducting interviews for new employees.

  1. You need to understand the position you’re hiring for: Remember, you’re finding a fit for the company and position. Skills can be taught on the job; it’s nice if the person comes with them, but more than anything, you want the right fit. A behavioral interview will help with this a lot. Questions such as: Tell me about a time you worked on a team and had to change their opinion, how did you do it? Tell me about a time your boss disagreed with you, how did you handle it? These questions will get them to tell stories and stories make it easier to capture the candidate’s personality.
  2. Ask every applicant the same question, which means you need to prepare questions ahead of time. You want to be able to compare all your candidates so it’s only fair to be asking them the same things. Plus, this makes it easier for you to make the decision as well. But, remember: no hypothetical questions. Get a real scenario to get a real answer!
  3. Deviate from questions you know their expecting. Instead of asking, “what are your strengths?” ask, “what lie do you tell most often?” You’ll get a totally different answer and it gets them out of their comfort zone.
  4. Place the candidate in a group setting to see how they interact and behave. Your colleagues would be a great option for this. Plus, they can help you screen out employees.
  5. Pre-screen all your candidates. Luckily, this is something Chameleon does for you already or can do for you (to new clients). This avoids wasting time interviewing people who aren’t the right fit.
  6. Ask them about your company. More of than not, candidates either know all about your company and have done their due diligence or know the minimum. Test them. You want to find out how much they know about our company, the history, and how they feel like they can fit in.
  7. Ask about the future. Where do they see themselves in five years? 10 years? This will help you see if they are a right fit for your company and if their long-term goals align with the position you’re interviewing for.
  8. Interview stages. Sometimes one interview is not enough so you’ll want to have rounds. This may take up some of your time and further the process, but it’ll save you time when you realize you found the perfect one. In these stages, assess different things such as skills, experience, cultural fit, and attitude. You want a whole picture of who they are.
  9. Ask about their favorite moments in their past jobs. You want someone who can look beyond the free lunches and office parties. Get them talking about their projects, the leadership roles they took on, or the new tools they came up with.
  10. A team player. You want someone who has your back and who you can trust. So listen for the “we” instead of the “I.” If the candidate is too busy talking about their accomplishments and wins and does not credit their colleagues, you have yourself an ego problem.

We hope that these tips and insights provide you with what you need to know prior to interviewing someone. It’s a tough process but it’s a worthwhile one if you do it right. If you need assistance, feel free to contact Chameleon as we offer our services in technical recruiting.