In today’s digital world, if you’re not on social media, it’s a little odd. But, if you’re a business without any social media, something’s not right.

According to SHRM, recruiting via social media is growing with 84% of organizations using it currently and 9% planning to use it. Recruiting and hiring have become easier through the use of social media and as an employment agency, we utilize and leverage our social media to help our clients recruit the best of the best employees.

Why does social media even matter? Majority of candidates applying for jobs today, review your social media. According to Glassdoor, “69% of candidates are likely to apply to a job if the employer actively manages its employer brand.” Candidates take notice when an employer responds to reviews, updates their profiles, and shares updates. It shows that the company values real-time technology and knows how to actively make use of it.

These candidates who appreciate the digital world are also the ones who will be able to expand your technological prowess, and you want that. You want candidates who can help you grow, teach you as much (if not more) as you teach them, and can make a difference to your company.

Obviously, the other main reason to have social media is to build brand awareness. This is not just letting people know what you do but actually conveying your company’s values and the principles by which you operate. Through social media, you want to convey what you do but also why; this is what will make you stand out.

According to Essium, “One thing we’ve worked on in our own social media is to be both a conduit of information that provides value to our audience, as well as an originator of content that provides solutions.”

This is something Chameleon has taken into account through providing our audience with the technical recruiting and data services we offer but also producing our own content for our clients. Doing both leads to brand sustainability and improves the engagement with the audience.

When it comes to engagement, starting a company blog can be beneficial as well. Showing a good work culture through employees who love the company and the work they do, attracts others to the company. Employee testimonials are intriguing and real, and that kind of enthusiasm can only be shared through them.

Now you’re probably wondering what else is in it for you if you decide to engage in social media. Not only do you expand your technological capabilities and increase brand awareness but also can get a peek into candidates. What you see on their resume may not represent them as a person but looking at their social media can provide insight into their personality and what their “brand” is. You can learn a lot through a candidate’s social media presence and sometimes, it may not be an accurate description of who they are, but at least you’ll have an idea.

Additionally, beyond LinkedIn (used for targeted recruiting), other social media platforms have made it possible to post job openings, which means another platform for you to get candidates. If you promote your job openings on all social media channels, you will get the widest reach, thus increasing your pool of candidates.

You can show off different aspects of your company through the use of multiple social media channels. Perhaps, Instagram could showcase your up-coming events or office parties but Twitter could include links to your blog posts or new company updates. Through different platforms, you can check what your customers and candidates are responding to. What things about your brand attract them? What can you do to make your social media presence more engaging?

We hope that you acknowledge the need and effectiveness of a company to leverage or take advantage of their social media presence to communicate and further their business as it will only aid in their efforts in recruiting and hiring!