Stacey Gose, CEO of Tougher

Episode #21: Stacey Gose, CEO of Tougher

Stacey Gose, the Founder & CEO of Tougher is all about living up to the promise of quality and functionality with her focus in designing the best fitting work-wear for women with modern designs. She wants to be a “head to boot outfitter for women who want to work with their hands,” and she wants women working in farms, construction sites or factory floors to feel powerful and professional. Gose believes in recognizing, listening to and serving women who do tough work and talks about product development and journey on our podcast.


Danielle Griebel, CEO of BlueZones Systems Inc.

Episode #20: Danielle Griebel, CEO of BlueZones Systems Inc.

Danielle Griebel is the CEO at BlueZones Systems Inc. Griebel takes a rather unorthodox or undermined approach when it comes to business. She believes in kindness and compassion. To some, this may be seen as a fault or a sign of fragility, but Griebel believes that “your loving nature is not a weakness in business.” She values community, people, and service, and our discussion focuses on how she incorporates these qualities into her technology-based business.


Subha Rajana, CEO of Biarca

Episode #19: Subha Rajana, CEO of Biarca

“Do what you need to do to advance your career but don’t forget that people matter.” Meet the CEO of Biarca, Subha Rajana. She describes herself as an entrepreneur, a woman in tech, and a mother. She discusses women empowerment and education and how we shouldn’t take it for granted. Subha is also a mentor and she believes in women doing what it takes to succeed in their career but also not forgetting their priorities and what matters. Today, we discuss compromise, mentorship, and careers.


Chameleon Chats

Episode #0: Chameleon Chats

Are you a woman in business or tech? Are you looking for a platform to share your story? Do you want to inspire young women leaders? This is your chance! Chameleon Chats is all about connecting women to other women so that we can help each other learn and grow. Share your story or listen to one of the amazing women leaders we have interviewed. You might just find the inspiration you’re looking for to kickstart your journey!


Jami Moore, President of Jem Tech Group

Episode #18: Jami Moore, President of Jem Tech Group

Jami Moore, the President of Jem Tech Group discusses the joys of being an entrepreneur. Jami loves helping customers solve their technological challenges and has a passion for consulting them on how to be more efficient. 18 years ago, she took over her dads business and has scaled it to the well-established company it is today. Jami has extraordinary leadership skills as she leads by example and believes in the core values that she has set for her company and its employees.


Angela Hood, CEO of This Way Global

Episode #17: Angela Hood, CEO of This Way Global

Angela Hood, the CEO of This Way Global. This Way Global is known for being the AI for jobs. The company matches people to jobs. Angela discusses the bias in diversity as well as inclusion in regards to jobs and how she believes that a company represents the customer. Our conversation gets into talent vs. diversity and how diversity is not just about looks but also in the way we all think. This Way Global tries to find the balance between using technology to help people find jobs while keeping the human touch as well.


Leanna Joy, President of Elevate Billing Solutions

Episode #16: Leanna Joy, President of Elevate Billing Solutions

If there’s anyone who understands what it means to “love what you do,” and not just “do what you love,” it’s Elevate Billing Solution’s President, Leanna Joy. Elevate Billing’s expert specialists provide the accuracy, consistency, and efficiency that dental practices need to increase collections and profitability without breaking the bank. At age 23, Leanna decided to start a company with her partner. In this episode, you will find out how she did it, why she did it, and everything she’s learned along the way.


Robbie Ericson, CEO of Miitek

Episode #15: Robbie Ericson, CEO of Miitek

CEO, Robbie Ericson is an IT professional with over 20 years experience in the software billing industry. She has participated in three full lifecycle implementations of CC&B and two full lifecycle implementations for ORMB. She is a certified software tester by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) and a Project Management Professional (PMP). In this episode, she provides great advice on careers in general and careers within technology. Some highlights include a discussion on how there’s place in tech for people who don’t come from a STEM background, how to not comprise your integrity, and how to succeed on your own merit. Robbie believes that learning is a priority in every job and you never know where a conversation or networking event may take you.


Farida Ali, CEO of Dynamic Computer Corporation

Episode #14: Farida Ali, CEO of Dynamic Computer Corporation

For over 20 years now, Farida Ali has been working in her family’s business. It wasn’t her original plan but today, she’s the CEO of Dynamic Computer Corporation. The IT industry has changed drastically since 1994 and is completely different today. Farida had to find ways to compete and engage in markets that wanted to pay for what DCC had to offer. Today, under her leadership, DCC is an innovative technology partner helping customers deploy technology that is compliant, consistent and controlled. In this episode, she discusses industry changes but also brings up job expectations and family, the choices women make, and how to get out of your comfort zone and learn about new technology.


Dr. Charu Raheja, CEO of Continuwell

Episode #13: Dr. Charu Raheja, CEO of Continuwell

Dr. Charu Raheja, the CEO and Board Member of Continuwell has leveraged her healthcare experience and strong finance background to revolutionize the healthcare industry by using technology for good by allowing patients to have access to nurses even when the doctor’s office is closed. She is an expert in setting strategy and using technology and people to drive innovation, engagement, better usage of health resources, and increase profit in the process. When it comes to starting a business, Dr. Raheja talked about how a lot of people will bring you down, or say you can’t do it, or maybe you’ll do that to yourself as a lot of young women do. But, she encourages young women to believe in themselves and “stay the course” because that’s the only way that you will get to where you want to be. And, she found that the “place where [her] heart is, [is in] healthcare.” She says to “trust your instincts and that you know what you’re doing” because “we’re always going to think that we’re not perfect but we don’t have to be.”

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