Katherine McCord, President at Titan Management and Career Launch Live

Episode #29: Katherine McCord, President at Titan Management and Career Launch Live

Katherine McCord is the Founder and Host of Career Launch Live and President of Titan Management. Career Launch Live is a show that discusses the positive evolution of the job market and the hiring process. Katherine tackles everything from best jobseeker practices to discrimination and mental health in the workplace. In this episode, Katherine discusses hiring during COVID, discrimination, mental illness, and awareness, and shares her mission and goals as well. She is set out to change the way people recruit and has developed better industry practices as she is an advocate for no longer tolerating discriminatory and poor hiring practices. “No more cookie-cutter service and gauging prices. Human, conversational interviews, eliminating discrimination in the application process, giving back… this is what I’m about, and therefore my organizations are about.” Katherine’s new, patent-pending, innovative ATS will eliminate discrimination in the application process, and allow for the focus to be on important qualifying attributes. It also features a DEI and candidate experience accountability feature intended to entice candidates and keep companies on track.


Stephanie (Rea) Slocum, Founder and CEO at Engineers Rising LLC

Episode #28: Stephanie (Rea) Slocum, Founder and CEO at Engineers Rising LLC

Stephanie (Rea) Slocum, Founder, and CEO at Engineers Rising LLC discusses her mission to help women in engineering and technology create fulfilling careers on their terms. She has learned the hard way that technical skills only get you so far and that women need extra tools in their career toolkits so that can have the influence and impact they need to be successful. Her goal is to normalize technical women in leadership so they can do work that matters and bring all of themselves to work. “I want you to be empowered to own your unique career journey, free of self-doubt and the burden of societal stereotypes about what a woman should be.”

Stephanie is also the author of She Engineers: Outsmart Bias, Unlock Your Potential, and Live the Engineering Career of your Dreams. She is the creator of the Fearless program, the first-of-its-kind virtual mentoring and leadership development program designed inclusively for individual women in STEM, as well as the BuildHER program, designed to help STEM women start their businesses. Stephanie shines a light on the barriers to the retention of women in engineering and provides practical training, inspiration, and mentorship through her online platform and programs so that women can bust through those barriers and have the careers and lives they want on their terms.


Elena Ionenko, Co-Founder at TurnKey Lender

Episode #27: Elena Ionenko, Co-Founder at TurnKey Lender

For our first episode of 2021, we have Elena Ionenko, the Co-Founder of Turnkey Lender, a global leader in Unified Lending Management. Turnkey Lender provides an AI-based end-to-end solution for complete automation of the lending process in non-bank organizations and banks. Elena discusses how she has never seen herself as “a woman in the tech business.” She invested in her education, does what she believes in, and it shows!


Laura Butler, CEO and Co-Founder at UpLift Group, Inc.

Episode #26: Laura Butler, CEO and Co-Founder at UpLift Group, Inc.

Laura Butler is equal parts Military Commander, Mary Poppins, Sherlock Holmes, and Teacher. In our last episode of 2020, Laura discusses team building at UpLift Group, creative solutions to hard problems, diversity and inclusion, and so much more. 


Jodi-Ann Burey, TEDx Speaker

Episode #25: Jodi-Ann Burey, TEDx Speaker

Jodi-Ann Burey (she/her) has a mission to disrupt “business as usual” to achieve social change. Her work centers the experiences of historically underrepresented communities and is grounded in the systemic intersectional approaches needed to address inequities. A true multi-hyphenate, Jodi-Ann is a speaker, writer, conversation curator, entrepreneur and educator. She is also the creator and host of Black Cancer, a podcast about the cancer narratives of everyday people of color, which was recently featured on POPSUGAR and NBC – Dallas. Jodi-Ann is also an affiliate instructor at the University of Washington’s Communication Leadership graduate program. Jodi-Ann holds a Masters in Public Health from the University of Michigan. She prides herself on being a cool auntie, a twist-out queen, cancer survivor, adventurer and reluctant dog owner. Jodi-Ann is currently working on her first book.


Ha Na Park, Partner at Presence

Episode #24: Ha Na Park, Partner at Presence

You’ll find Ha Na Park posing for Instagram, live streaming on Facebook, lip syncing on Tik Tok, and interviewing punk rock bands for her YouTube channel – all to collect insights that’ll inform her clients on how to trend with their digital and social campaign. She’s an expert in multicultural campaigning and founded Presence, a Digital Creative Agency located in Seattle. She’s an award-winning marketing expert with a proven track record leading projects for Fortune 100 clients, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. With more than 10 years of experience in the Latino and Asian communities and eight years of award-winning work in multicultural marketing and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practices, Ha Na knows how to create messaging that resonates with emerging audiences. She is passionate about helping clients refresh their existing brand to crush their content game and genuinely connects with emerging generations.


Preet Sohi, Founder of employHER Inc.

Episode #23: Preet Sohi, Founder of employHER Inc.

Preet Sohi found herself in LA, striving to become an actress. Long story short, she ended up working at Wells Fargo and loved the job and the fast-paced life that came with being a Business Development Manager. 10 years later, she decided to go into tech. She started with an idea and today, she’s the Founder of employHER Inc. – an ecosystem, connecting diverse professionals globally.


Laura Malcolm, CEO and Founder of Give InKind

Episode #22: Laura Malcolm, CEO and Founder of Give InKind

Give InKind changes the way people give, receive and coordinate support through major life events. From the birth of a new baby to the loss of a loved one, and everything in between, friends, families, and communities are looking for easy ways to come together to support one another – in ways that go beyond sending money or flowers. Give InKind makes it possible to give that support quickly, easily and from anywhere. CEO and Founder, Laura Malcolm found herself facing hardship and despite the difficult times, she came out stronger. Not only did she create something, a company that would impact and change lives, but she found a way to ask and seek out help in those difficult times.


Farah Allen, CEO of TheLabz

Episode #21: Farah Allen, CEO of TheLabz

“There is this time when you’re starting, you don’t know anything,” said Farah Allen, CEO, and Founder of TheLabz. “Then, something happens and you realize that you do know. You know now. You know enough.” Allen is known for connecting dots and resolving problems using technology. She combined her passion for technology, problem-solving, and music by starting her own company called TheLabz. TheLabz a cloud-based blockchain music creation and real-time collaboration platform, programmatically collecting song data needed for the facilitation of electronic exchanges of contracts, digital copyrights, and intellectual property protection. This episode has the scoop on how Allen did it all – from the process of starting her company to what she wishes she knew before her venture and her specific advice for new entrepreneurs.


Danielle Griebel, CEO of BlueZones Systems Inc.

Episode #20: Danielle Griebel, CEO of BlueZones Systems Inc.

Danielle Griebel is the CEO at BlueZones Systems Inc. Griebel takes a rather unorthodox or undermined approach when it comes to business. She believes in kindness and compassion. To some, this may be seen as a fault or a sign of fragility, but Griebel believes that “your loving nature is not a weakness in business.” She values community, people, and service, and our discussion focuses on how she incorporates these qualities into her technology-based business.

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