Katherine McCord, President at Titan Management and Career Launch Live

Katherine McCord is the Founder and Host of Career Launch Live and President of Titan Management. Career Launch Live is a show that discusses the positive evolution of the job market and the hiring process. Katherine tackles everything from best jobseeker practices to discrimination and mental health in the workplace. In this episode, Katherine discusses hiring during COVID, discrimination, mental illness, and awareness, and shares her mission and goals as well. She is set out to change the way people recruit and has developed better industry practices as she is an advocate for no longer tolerating discriminatory and poor hiring practices. “No more cookie-cutter service and gauging prices. Human, conversational interviews, eliminating discrimination in the application process, giving back… this is what I’m about, and therefore my organizations are about.” Katherine’s new, patent-pending, innovative ATS will eliminate discrimination in the application process, and allow for the focus to be on important qualifying attributes. It also features a DEI and candidate experience accountability feature intended to entice candidates and keep companies on track.

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