Power BI is a business analytics service that consists of a plethora of tools used to visualize any kind of data in great detail. Not only is the cloud-based service used for visualizing data but also allows you to make more impactful and informative business decisions.

Data can be hard to read and even harder to understand, which is why this service allows for the ability to analyze data with greater speed and efficiency. But most importantly, it makes the data consumable and easy to grasp.

Power BI provides the ability for users to connect with a range of data through the dashboard, interactive reports, and visuals that bring the data to life. It does not simply show you the data, but allows you to interact with it through filters and personalized dashboards that ultimately help you find answers to your questions.

Chameleon Technologies’ data team’s decision to use Power BI was due to its speed of delivery and how everything can be handled outside of the database in one file. If need be, the data model can be changed to make the report work as well, which can all be done within Power BI. Additionally, the perks of using Power BI with SSAS Tabular is scalability because, if configured correctly, a single Analysis Service model can grow to handle hundreds of reports and users without any issues.

The two-year-old service was released on July 24th of 2015 as part of the Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise. With your new and more comprehensive data set, you can share and manage your data in a more systematic and organized manner, allowing you to make sense of the numbers.

Power BI facilitates user generated, agile data analysis with self-service BI analytics managed in the cloud for collaboration and sharing, and is a tool that allows users to summarize and interact with millions of data in a single view.

Through its tools and high level metrics, you’re able to look into net sales, units sold, growth and active stores, income, and more over a period of time. With these metrics, you can identify new trends in the data, pick out outliers, look at specific performances, find the weaknesses and anomalies, and make important business decisions based on your data.

According to Rick Gregory, Chameleon’s Sr. Business Analyst, what makes Power BI stand out is its dynamic calculations and tactical view of report. What makes Power BI a top level service tool is its ability to maneuver data and apply filters to carefully select and specify what it is you want to see.

Our data team heavily relies on Power BI for its enhanced visual experience and its ability to automate data. Power BI’s data connectivity, storage, and security are also a few other bonuses.

The highlight of Power BI is in its data expression language, which ultimately makes it easier for the consumer to read, understand, and use.