The pandemic has presented a major challenge for staffing firms and the continued economic impact will be a hurdle for the foreseeable future. That said, though in-person interaction is still at minimal levels, many organizations have extended remote work policies into the new year. Because of this, staffing leaders and their top salespeople and recruiters are struggling to find new ways to communicate. Here’s where we can help you redefine your staffing brand.

Until there is an opportunity for professionals to engage more freely face-to-face, your sales processes will have to change. This means coming up with new strategies that will provide you with a competitive advantage. 

Companies everywhere have realized the benefits of remote work, which has in turn expanded their available talent pools to a national or even global level. Because of the pandemic, the rate of globalization has increased, and historically, staffing brands have relied upon their local advantage, but now must look beyond their neighborhood.

How you communicate your values and brand matters. At the height of the pandemic, everyone got used to those emails saying that we’re all in this together. Though it became a cliché, it also showed everyone’s humanity. We may not know exactly how to respond to crisis, but we do recognize the need to reach out, support each other, and nurture our communities. It’s a recognition that is steadily making a big impact on how companies choose to reach their audience and brand themselves in the marketplace.

The staffing industry is all about people – the human element is critical to our business. But, the market has evolved, and it’s likely your company has too. Thus, a robust, authentic brand rooted in and shared through an engaging website, content marketing, email messaging, social presence, and ad platform is the foundation you must build to remain relevant, profitable, and ahead of the competition.

As a staffing firm, you must also brand your firm based on claims that you can prove. Take the time to figure out exactly which claims mean the most and are right for you. Are you transparent? Do you go about the staffing process efficiently? Do you have a great ROI? Do you work well with clients? Find your proven strengths, and base your branding around that.

You can ensure that your content marketing can boost your overall brand image. Just like how social media is incredibly helpful for any business trying to thrive, content marketing via those platforms can also assist in boosting your overall brand image. 

Remember to always ask the hard questions to grow your brand. Brand strategy should begin as a pointed interrogation. Don’t brand yourself as the organization that you want to be, but the organization you currently are. It’s always good to have aspirations, but your branding needs to reflect your current business. The hard questions will give you an idea of where you’d like to grow, and will help you to understand the current status quo.