For staffing firms, sourcing qualified candidates and providing them with an excellent experience are the keys to success, but they’re also the biggest challenges. 

To solve these challenges, fast-growth agencies use marketing and sales automation tools such as Chameleon BI for reporting or Staffing Referrals for automating referrals.

However, until recently, there was a major gap in the tech stack at most staffing firms. While referrals have long been recognized as the single best source of high-quality talent, most agencies were still using traditional referral processes.

The demands of 2020 have intensified the competitive landscape, spurring staffing firms to redouble their efforts to use software to gain an advantage. 

Here’s what we’ve learned from Staffing Hub about how priorities, tactics, and strategies have changed in the past few months:

Before the pandemic:

  1. Automation and candidate experience key drivers of success
  2. Finding talent was the most challenging obstacle
  3. Top sourcing tools relatively consistent with previous years


During the pandemic:

  1. Many staffing firms have been forced to make deep layoffs to keep businesses open
  2. Learning how to work remotely is a requirement for all staffing firms
  3. Most staffing firms believe they will emerge from the pandemic stronger than before


Referrals are our most profitable source of leads, but the value of the software goes beyond increased placements – it’s also more productive recruiters and more satisfied candidates.

It’s likely you already know the value of referrals for your staffing agency as referrals deliver higher quality talent to your customers at a lower cost. In fact, many firms say they’re the best source for quality candidates. 

Let’s dig into six reasons why and how getting more referral candidates can help you remain competitive and focused on candidate experience, all while scaling faster:

  1. You can grow your candidate pool faster (and smarter) with referrals
  2. You’ll save time over cold outreach
  3. You’ll improve the candidate experience and establish trust
  4. You’ll build deeper relationships with candidates by partnering with people from their network
  5. Track your referral leads automatically
  6. Consistent promotion across all recruiters

Want to get more referrals and automate your interview scheduling? Book a demo with Staffing Referrals today and for reporting and the ROI of the tool, book a demo with Chameleon BI to learn more!