Are you looking to understand what’s going on within your staffing company at an operational level? Are you able to make actionable insights directly from your database? If you’re not sure why you need to utilize reports to accelerate your business, you’ve come to the right place.

Reporting is essential to monitor business performance over any period of time. It enables you to make better business decisions, project future results and drive improvements.

Business reports are valuable and essential tools for any enterprise regardless of size or industry. They provide a means to track and analyze the performance and overall health of the business while identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.

Standard reports can help you track and analyze all your data. For staffing firms, this includes any information regarding your hiring process, notes, and other user activity.

Staffing reports can make it easy for you to visualize and pull valuable company data. For example, you can use a recruiting activity report to track any and all activity related to the hiring process. This includes prescreens, interviews, hires for yourself, hires for others, or hires for the entire team. You’ll be able to see the entire hiring workflow. 

Another very useful report that you could utilize is the sales activity report. This report is great for tracking sales activity for yourself, other users, and your team. It’s similar to the hiring workflow report as you can choose the reporting period and break it down through easy-to-read rows and columns. 

Reports can be highly beneficial for accessing and analyzing your ATS data, but there will be times when you need to run multiple reports to generate the data you’re looking for. 

Dashboard cards can also help simplify the process of examining multiple data sources by choosing condensed information in one centralized place. For example, if you want to compare this year to last year to compare specific recruiting data, you’re going to want to use a dashboard card. Each dashboard card holds valuable information pertaining to a variety of entities within bullhorn – from jobs to leads, to opportunities, and even placements. 

Though your ATS’s standard reports and dashboard cards can be useful in visualizing your information, automated recruiting systems and integrated tracking systems make the process significantly easier. 

This is where Chameleon BI can help.  We offer personalized reports spanning finances, sales, recruiting, and more. Using a Business Intelligence system can not only help simplify the process, but help you get the most out of your data. 

Monitoring and reporting over time will not only highlight problems but can also identify opportunities for growth or expansion and that’s why we want to help you!

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