Our Chameleon team just got back from the annual StaffingTec 2019 Conference, Networking and Expo held in Nashville, Tenessee!

Among the staffing experts who showcased the best staffing tech solutions, Chameleon was able to engage with peers and expand our thinking and build our knowledge to help other staffing firms make smarter and faster decisions.

As a staffing firm, we understand the industry and what we need to better our processes. But, Chameleon also has data experts who have come up with staffing solutions through Business Intelligence (BI) tools, and this is what we demonstrated to our fellow staffing firms.

BI for staffing involves more than providing transparent and meaningful insight into your staffing metrics and measures. BI tools make it possible to view all data from various reporting tools to help businesses make informed decisions. Your business activity becomes streamlined and effectively assess your data.

As Staffing Industry Analysts has reported: “Tracking the conversion ratios of certain key activities can be the best way to measure the quality of your efforts, which you can use to improve business processes. You may want to focus on activity ratios that are specific to your sales funnel (e.g., job orders, internal submissions, etc.) or you may want to look at ratios by employees and determine which employees work most efficiently. You also might want to look at your ratios by clients to determine which clients are most profitable in order to learn how you can change internally/externally to bring your less profitable clients up to speed.”

As a staffing firm, we’re always thinking about our key performance indicators (KPIs). Most staffing firms have the fundamental KPIs that they report on and want to analyze but some have different KPIs. When we create a report (dashboard) showcasing your KPIs on a BI platform, you are able to view your metrics in one place. Not only does this help you keep track of all your data in a secure place, but because the data is in near real-time, you’re up-to-date with your data.

A BI platform ensures you don’t miss a thing.

Think about never having ambiguity in your datasets and never having to manually report anything. No more inputting numbers into an excel sheet or exporting files from Bullhorn or whichever data source you use.

A BI solution enables you to connect to all your data sources, providing over 500 types of data visualizations to help you understand your data, ensuring an automated process, and it accurately reflecting what’s in your data source.

Unlock your company’s full staffing potential with Chameleon BI for staffing. We want to turn your raw data into actionable insights today!