Overcoming Self-Doubt in the Job Search Process

Although many career-related articles cover the external factors that influence the job search, we understand that the internal battles faced can have an even more profound impact on your success.  One of the most crippling is self-doubt. In the extreme, self-doubt can limit your opportunities by reducing the positions you pursue, and chronic negative self-talk […]

8 Recruitment Metrics You Should Track in 2022

Recruitment metrics are key to evaluating the health and effectiveness of your recruiting process. However, to appropriately track your staffing metrics, you need to know the proper mix of recruiter productivity metrics to tell you what’s working and what’s not.  Having the right recruitment metrics allows you to determine where your recruiters should spend their time. […]

The Benefits of Staffing Remotely

According to Indeed’s 2021 Hiring Trends Report, over 70% of all employers have decided to offer more flexible scheduling for their employees than they did pre-pandemic.  Though compensation is still the average employee’s top priority, flexibility, mobility, and remote work are quickly becoming one of the most highly regarded benefits in any workplace.  Over the […]

Reasons spreadsheet users should switch to Chameleon BI analytics

Been using spreadsheets at work? Tired of manually recording all your data from various sources into Excel?  Have you ever worked with data and thought, “there has got to be an easier and better way than to use these complicated tools or coding?” The answer is yes, there is.  Here’s why you should switch to […]

Navigating a Candidate-Driven Market

What is a candidate-driven market? In the staffing world, the market is either employer-driven or candidate-driven. During the 2020 pandemic, we had an employer-driven market. Due to unemployment and mass layoffs, many people were seeking jobs that were no longer available due to halted hiring processes. However, two years later, we’re trending in a much […]

Business Analytics for Growing Staffing Firms

Digital information and business analytics allow staffing firms to use big data and statistics to gain insight into future trends and learn from past practices. Knowing and understanding your data is the key to your growth. Analytics enables staffing firms to measure ROI, track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and make important business decisions.  Integrating […]

Six Essential Metrics to Better Manage Your Business

Data is the fundamental way of understanding your business’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement. Chameleon BI helps you organize, compile, and visualize the most important aspects of your data to help you unlock better business insights. In order to do this, we’re breaking down the 6 essential metrics you need to best understand your […]

Do you understand your reports?

Let’s be honest, reports can be hard to read and can get overwhelming. We’re here to help! First things first, if you’re unfamiliar with what goes into staffing reports, there’s some good news: You don’t need to be an expert to get value out of the document or understand the messaging in it. That’s why […]

Hiring the Right Candidate

Making the right hiring decision is both a stressful and an exciting experience. If you’re lucky, the star candidate shines through as an obvious fit for the role. But with the current job market so volatile, it’s easy to feel like the right candidate will never come along. Chances are, they’re right in front of […]

Why you need Executive Dashboards

An executive dashboard is a visual interface that displays company KPIs and metrics using data visualizations and graphical elements. The purpose of an executive dashboard is to provide CEOs and other executives with a bird’s eye view of company performance. Executive dashboards deliver that capability by quickly presenting graphical representations of critical data which is something […]