You did it! You nailed the interview. But wait, your interview is not over yet and your application is still being considered. What can you do to stand out? 

Sending a follow-up email to thank the interviewer for their time can make the difference between getting hired or getting rejected. Of course, acing your interview is key but the email can definitely sway their decision, especially if you’re neck and neck with another candidate.

But, we know that the post-interview email can be tricky sometimes. You may not know when to send it, how soon you should get in touch, or perhaps what to say. No worries! We’re here to help with all of it.

Here are 10 steps to the perfect thank you email to your interviewer(s). 

  1. Get their emails: If you don’t already have it from a calendar invite or previous correspondences, ask for your interviewer’s email. This will give them an inkling that they can expect an email from you but also holds you accountable to send them one because you specifically asked for it.
  2. Thank everyone: You always want to thank every person that interviewed you so don’t forget that this email is going out to all of them. But, don’t send them the same email.
  3. Subject line: Anything from “Thank you for your time” or “Thank you for the interview” works as a good and clear subject. They’ll know what to expect when they open the email.
  4. Personalize: Use their names and spell them right! Additionally, if you were interviewed by more than one person, you will want to tailor the thank you email to each of them. Maybe you remember a conversation about one of them having a daughter’s birthday soon or you know one of them is traveling; whatever the personal anecdote may be, bring it up in the thank you email so that they know you care and you listened. The personal touch goes a long way. Trust us!
  5. What are you thankful for?: Obviously, you want to thank them for their time and for interviewing you but also thank them for answerings your questions, for sharing their stories, for showing you around the office. Be specific in what you’re thankful for.
  6. Short, sweet and specific: You’re not writing an essay. Imagine that you’re writing it instead of typing it like in a thank you card; you want to be as concise and clear as possible. Remember, short, sweet, and specific. 
  7. Flattery: You can say something nice about the team, the company, or the environment. A little flattery never hurt anybody. But don’t overdo it.
  8. Reaffirm and remind: Reaffirm your interest in the position and tell them you’re excited to hear about the next steps and remind them why you feel you could excel in the position.
  9. What’s next: Tell them that you’re looking forward to hearing from them, that you’re available if they have any extra questions, or you’re free if they want another interview. This is a great way to end the email and to show them that you are available and actively pursuing this job and position. 
  10. E-signature: It looks good. Have one placed at the end of the email and make sure your main contact details such as cell phone, email, or current job title is present. It ties up the email quite nicely.

*Optional attachments: If you want to attach your resume for them or any other follow-up document that they may have asked for, you can do that in this thank you email. But refer to the respective documents in your email if you are. No one likes random attachments without any explanation so don’t forget to state what and why you are attaching the documents.

Here are some great thank you email samples. We wish you all the best and we hope you get the job!