About Us

Chameleon Technologies employs the highest standard of customer service and satisfaction in every match we make. We are attuned to the dynamic changes of the technology industry and just as the chameleon assimilates to its environment by changing colors, Chameleon Technologies adapts to the ever-changing needs of our clients and the marketplace.

At Chameleon, we:

  • Maintain the highest standard of business conduct.
  • Demonstrate commitment to quality, honesty, and integrity in everything we do.
  • Regard every individual with the utmost respect and professionalism.
  • Welcome change as it contributes to our continual growth.
  • Recognize and share credit for successes.
  • Always have fun!

Our Story

After working at several other staffing and consulting firms, Melissa Acton-Buzard (CEO/Founder) started Chameleon Technologies, Inc. in 2000. With invaluable first-hand experience, she was clear about the services and practices she wanted to offer, as well as what she would do differently with her own firm. With a focus on inclusion as a woman-owned business, Chameleon Technologies set out to emphasize the importance of diversity in the workplace and outstanding customer service.

Chameleon’s business strategy is simple: Give a lot to get a lot. Chameleon exceeds their competition by providing a very personal, hands-on, high-quality service. The benefit to their clients and their employees is shared project successes, job satisfaction, and a very low turnover rate.



Teamwork and communication are essential to our success in the staffing space, as we collaborate with clients and candidates to build strong relationships and provide exceptional service.


We strive for diversity and inclusion to foster a culture of creativity, empathy, and innovation.


Our consulting services within the data space provide clients with comprehensive solutions to maximize the value of their data and turn it into actionable insights.



We are committed to maximizing growth for candidates in the staffing space by providing them with personalized support, resources, and opportunities to achieve their career goals.


Through our expertise and commitment to excellence, we help clients and candidates in the staffing space achieve their business objectives and career aspirations, respectively. 


Our approach to matching clients to candidates in the staffing space is data-driven, customized, and based on a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and candidates’ strengths and aspirations.


By combining our expertise in staffing and data within the consulting space, we offer a unique approach to help our clients grow their businesses by optimizing their workforce and leveraging data-driven insights.

Philanthropy & Community:

At Chameleon, we are passionate about giving back and do so in many ways. Some of the organizations we support include:

Diversity & Inclusion: