An executive dashboard is a visual interface that displays company KPIs and metrics using data visualizations and graphical elements. The purpose of an executive dashboard is to provide CEOs and other executives with a bird’s eye view of company performance.

Executive dashboards deliver that capability by quickly presenting graphical representations of critical data which is something Chameleon BI can do for you!

Executives can then review and analyze real-time data to turn it into actionable information without spending valuable time wading through reports or being overwhelmed by irrelevant points.

Your executive dashboard has the potential to improve team performance because data gives team members clear insight into how their work contributes to larger goals. If your team members can see how they’re progressing towards their goals and what goals their work is supporting, they’ll likely work harder. In addition, it promotes healthy competition!

These reports can be dynamic and interactive, allowing you to use filters to view the data that best suits your needs. Dashboards gather data from multiple sources and systems and combine them into a single interface for a detailed overview of the business – a single source of truth. 

Imagine how beneficial it would be to connect your relevant data sources with the internal systems currently used within your business – platforms such as accounting software, your customer relationship management (CRM) program, your Applicant Tracking System (ATS), email networks, and in-built website analytics, among others.

The perfect executive dashboard will give you six key benefits as follows:

  1. Total visibility into your business
  2. Big-time savings
  3. Improved results
  4. Reduced stress
  5. Increased productivity
  6. Increased profits

A BI dashboard like Chameleon’s lets executives see where the business is excelling, and where it can do better. Essentially, your dashboard shows you exactly which areas of your business are performing poorly.

The reports will also give you the option of drilling down into the data behind the graphs, giving you a more detailed insight into trends and activity.

Your dashboards will improve overall decision-making as it enables deeper understanding and better communication. They better position decision-makers to drive increased impact. 

Features of an effective executive dashboard include:

  1. An intuitive graphical display that is thoughtfully laid out and easy to navigate.
  2. A logical structure behind the dashboard that will make accessing current data easy and fast.
  3. Displays that can be customized and categorized to meet a user’s specific needs.
  4. Information from multiple sources, departments, or markets.

Get your executive dashboards made today with Chameleon BI.