Stephanie (Rea) Slocum, Founder and CEO at Engineers Rising LLC

Stephanie (Rea) Slocum, Founder, and CEO at Engineers Rising LLC discusses her mission to help women in engineering and technology create fulfilling careers on their terms. She has learned the hard way that technical skills only get you so far and that women need extra tools in their career toolkits so that can have the influence and impact they need to be successful. Her goal is to normalize technical women in leadership so they can do work that matters and bring all of themselves to work. “I want you to be empowered to own your unique career journey, free of self-doubt and the burden of societal stereotypes about what a woman should be.”

Stephanie is also the author of She Engineers: Outsmart Bias, Unlock Your Potential, and Live the Engineering Career of your Dreams. She is the creator of the Fearless program, the first-of-its-kind virtual mentoring and leadership development program designed inclusively for individual women in STEM, as well as the BuildHER program, designed to help STEM women start their businesses. Stephanie shines a light on the barriers to the retention of women in engineering and provides practical training, inspiration, and mentorship through her online platform and programs so that women can bust through those barriers and have the careers and lives they want on their terms.

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